What is the Best Mattress of 2022?

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Best Mattress of 2022

Best Mattress of 2022

If you’re looking for a mattress online you might be having a hard time deciding which is the best one for you. There are plenty of alternatives to choose from and it’s not always easy to tell which mattresses are truly the cream of the crop. Best Mattress of 2022

We’ve conducted research and testing on hundreds of mattresses, narrowing them down to the ones we like best to simplify the process for you. Our expert team of mattress testers has years of experience directly testing mattresses, and draws upon thorough knowledge of different mattresses, their construction, materials and new technologies. We also draw on the experience of a diverse range of sleepers on our team of testers — along with a range of tests and technologies – to evaluate how different mattresses feel and function for different kinds of individuals.

The best mattress to buy is based partly in what the buyer would like to get from your purchase. Some people need a mattress that has excellent pressure relief, while others need a mattress that helps soothe chronic back pain. There isn’t a single size that fits all. Therefore, our choices show the best in specific categories according to their construction, performance and price. Since price is paramount for most shoppers buying an online mattress is typically cheaper due to lower expenses. But pay attention to sleep trials on offer and ensure you select one that has at least a 30-day risk-free trial period.


What’s the Best Mattress?

Our top pick is the ideal balance of our testing criteria and is adored by the broadest swath of sleepers.


Best Mattress Overview


Best Mattresses Of 2022

Our guide kicks off with detailed information about our top picks for the top mattresses of 2022 .

This is for those looking to know the ins and outs of buying a mattress.

It covers the main topics that a savvy mattress shopper should be aware of.

Let’s get started.

Helix Midnight


Who it’s best for
  • Shoppers who want a hybrid with memory foam
  • Combination sleepers
  • People who have high pressure points
  • The strong contouring effect of the spine is a great way to promote alignment
  • Performance that is balanced at a reasonable price point
  • Medium firmness is a versatile option for most sleepers.

Why it’s the best overall

Quality construction, well-rounded performance and an affordable price place this Helix Midnight at the top of our list of top mattress choices. This is due to its medium-firmness, that is the perfect balance between firm and plush and also a hybrid memory foam construction that earns above-average marks for breathability, motion isolation in general support.

Helix is an internet-based mattress in a box manufacturer that offers individualized comfort. They offer a broad variety of hybrid mattresses each of which is designed to accommodate those with particular body types, sleeping positions, and firmness preferences. While every Helix model is suitable for a particular person depending on their personal criteria, the Helix Midnight is an outstanding pick thanks to its balanced feeling that blends pressure-relieving memory foam and a firm coil support – all at the most affordable price.

What It’s Made of

The first two layers of the Midnight is made of foam. The top layer is made of Helix’s Memory Plus Foam, which traps pressure points and keeps some degree of flexibility. The second layer is a transition polyfoam which prevents substantial sinking into the mattress. Below that is a coil-like support core that provides solid foundation and a bit of “bounce” to the mattress which makes it more comfortable to move about on.

How It Performed

The Helix Midnight has a medium firm (6) feeling, and thanks to its mix of pressure relief and ease of movement on the mattress, it is a solid choice for people in many sleeping positions. It’s also a favorite among those who have to effortlessly shift their positions throughout the night.

The Midnight is a good all-around mattress that has performed well in the various categories of testing. The foam layers ease pressure and help to isolate motion and the coils assist the mattress maintain a comfortable temperature. They also help you move across the surface with ease.

Customers can fill out a survey on the company’s website to determine which mattress best meets their requirements, and this may be a good alternative if the Midnight sounds too soft or firm. The sleep trial for the Midnight is 100 nights, and Helix offers a the 10-year guarantee that will cover any defects in the materials or manufacturing.



Dreamcloud Mattress


Who it’s best for
  • Most side and back sleepers
  • People who value bounce as well as contouring.
  • Shoppers who want a full year to experience the mattress
  • Higher profile mattress with standout edge support
  • Medium-firm contouring balance and support
  • Breathable cashmere-blend cover

The DreamCloud’s luxurious construction utilizes multiple types of foam along with pocketed coils for the perfect blend of contouring, support and responsiveness. This makes the mattress a great choice for those who like to sink too deeply into their mattress as well as for those who do not like soft sleeping surfaces.

What It’s Made of

The DreamCloud begins with a layer of polyfoam quilted into the top of the bed’s cashmere blend cover. A two-tiered system of comfort follows first with a layer of gel-infused memory foam. This layer keeps your body in place with a moderate weight distribution of zones that are heavier or pressure points. The next layer is a polyfoam that has a little less contouring and bounce, which provides an ideal balance to memory foam’s feeling.

It is constructed by individually wrapped coils that are divided into zones to better adapt to the body’s weight and the way the weight is distributed upon the bed. The springs shore up stability at the edge and produce a noticeable bounce that facilitates mobility across the mattress’s surface. A low-profile layer of high-density polyfoam goes under the coils to help strengthen the mattress and block out the sound generated by the coils.

How It Performed

The DreamCloud’s medium firm (6) feel can fit the needs of many sleepers and is often an ideal option for back and side sleepers. The balanced performance serves most couples and combination sleepers also.

Hybrids are regarded as one of the best mattress types for people who are hot sleepers. this can be attributed to pocketed coil support cores that circulate air and help maintain a cool interior temperature. The DreamCloud extends this concept one step further by offering a luxury cover made from mixed cashmere, a product known for its natural breathability and moisture-wicking abilities.

The DreamCloud sleep trial runs for one whole year, providing customers with 365 days to truly see how well it works for them. For the duration of the trial the customers can relax knowing that they are protected by DreamCloud’s lifetime guarantee.



Nectar Mattress


Who it’s best for:
  • Side sleepers who desire the cushioning of memory foam
  • Budget shoppers
  • Customers who wish to have a year-long trial of their sleep
  • Priced competitively
  • Moisture-wicking Tencel cover
  • Lifetime warranty and a generous night-long sleep trial

The Nectar is a stellar example of a high-quality mattress which won’t cost a fortune. Nectar Sleep also offers other incentives to attract buyers with a limited budget, such as the opportunity to try a free night’s sleep and hassle-free warranty coverage for the duration of your ownership the mattress.

What is it Made of

The Nectar comes with a 3 inch cushion of comfort foam layered over the support and transitional layers that are comprised of dense polyfoam. Although the mattress feels very firm, you will feel a deep body-contouring after the first layer, which can be compared to sleeping “in” – as opposed to sleeping “on” – the mattress. A quilted cover highlights the comfort of the mattress by creating a luxuriously plush sensation on the surface.

How It Performed

The Nectar’s adsorbent properties make it a good partner for side sleepers from all sizes. A lot of stomach and back sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds should feel at ease on this mattress.

The Nectar is a great mattress for sleepers with a well-balanced, medium-level firmness, and materials that give comfort and softness, without giving up support. It has received high scores across various performance categories including pressure relief, motion isolation and temperature control yet it costs much less than the average memory foam model.

Nectar’s sleep trial of 365 nights, which is among the longest of the market and a the lifetime guarantee are exclamation points on the value provided by this quality mattress that is offered at a reasonable price.



Saatva Classic

Who it’s best for:
  • Customers looking for a bouncy, innerspring-like feel
  • People who are hot to sleep
  • Shoppers who would like free installation
  • Patented spinal zone technology helps improve spinal alignment
  • Coil-on coil design is very airy, which results in a cool, comfortable sleep
  • The plush Euro pillow top offers pressure relief and contouring support

The Saatva Classic blends the superior support of traditional innersprings, with the increased comfort and elegant features of a modern hybrid mattress. The result is a lavish Euro-top mattress that eases the pressure, without sacrificing strength or temperature control. A variety of thickness and firmness options make the Classic an attractive choice for people across a wide range of body types and sleep postures.

What It’s Made of

The top layer of the Saatva mattress uses a variety of foam, including specialized polyfoam, as well as an under the lumbar area. These foams are quilted into the Euro-top, which is made of silky and comfortable organic cotton.

Underneath the Euro-top is a coil-on-coil interior design. The top layer of coils is 4 inches thick, and the coils are wrapped individually to give an increased ability to adapt to the body , and to reduce motion transfer. The second layer of coils is the mattress support core, and is 4.5 to 7.5 inches depending on the model that you select. This layer is constructed with heavy 13-gauge springs which are bolstered by a dense foam encasement around the perimeter to give you better edge support.

How It Performed

In this mattress two coils provide a sense of responsiveness and make it simple to move around on the bed while also lightly conforming to your body for the cushioning of pressure points. A lot of airflow through the coils keeps this mattress cool through the night.

The firmness options are firm (3), medium firm (6) along with firm (8) which allows anyone to select what best fits their personal preferences.

The installation and removal for an existing mattress known as White Glove delivery, is included at no cost for every purchase. The mattress is also covered by a sleep trial of 180 nights (with the return shipping cost of $99 cost) and a 15-year warranty.



Softer WinkBed


Who it’s best for:
  • Hot people who have hot
  • Side sleepers, especially those who weigh less than 130 lbs.
  • For those who prefer a soft mattress that isn’t sacrificing support
  • Zoned support system encourages spinal alignment
  • Tencel cover and foam infused with gel regulate temperature
  • Quilted Euro-top relieves pressure points

The WinkBed is an hybrid model that comes with four firmness options available. With a medium-soft feeling which is rated as 4/10 on the scale of firmness, the Softer WinkBed has the greatest cushioning of any WinkBed model. This makes it an excellent choice for side sleepers of any body type. The mattress conforms to your hips and shoulders but still encourages proper spinal alignment.

What’s It Made of

The Softer WinkBed’s design begins with an breathable Tencel cover, and a plush Euro-Top which is made of polyfoam that is gel-infused. The gel assists in drawing heat and moisture off your body while the polyfoam supports your shoulders and hips to alleviate pressure point discomfort. Another layer of polyfoam rests under the Euro-top, providing a cushion that keeps the mattress from sinking in the bed.

The support core is made up of pockets that are individually wrapped. The coils are organized into five zones that provide increased support under your midsection. They also provide less pushback in the lighter areas that are more prone to pushback. The coils have a higher diameter around their perimeters which gives this model a solid edges and a smooth surface that is easy to get over.

How It Performed

Our in-house testing determined that side sleepers from all weight groups liked the WinkBed’s softness, and those weighing less than 130 pounds especially loved how the Euro-top was able to support their hips and shoulders.

The model also scored highly in the motion isolation category, as the thick comfort foam takes in motion before it gets the chance to spread across the mattress’s surface. Because the coils that are pocketed are individually wrapped in a way, they can cut down on motion transfer by separating from each other. Couples should be able to comfortably use the mattress without disturbing the person who is on the opposite side of the bed.

Customers who wish to test the Softer WinkBed can take advantage of the 120-night trial. Anyone who wants to make the return process must test the mattress for at least 30 days. The mattress carries a generous lifetime warranty and free shipping within the continental U.S



GhostBed Flex


Who it’s best for:
  • People who weigh between 230 pounds
  • Couples
  • People who doze hot
  • Memory foam layers mold to the body without sinking too much.
  • The cool fabric and constant airflow ensure that the mattress is kept at a the temperature at a comfortable level.
  • Coils are reinforced along the perimeter to help stabilize the surface and reduce sinkage

The GhostBed Flex offers above-average support and coolness for a memory foam hybrid. Solid edges and a comfortable feel make this mattress an ideal choice for those who sleep with a companion and need room to stretch out – as well as for those who favor bouncy beds for sex.

What It’s Made of

The GhostBed Flex features a pillow-top top with a layer of adaptive polyfoam which is quilted into its cover followed by two layers of memory foam. The mattress is considered medium firm (6) however, these three layers make it feel a bit plush as you get in and out of bed. The support core has pocketed coils which are reinforced along the edges, and then there is a base composed of high-density foam. A cover made of Ghost Ice fabric encases the entire mattress. The Ghost Ice fabric is specially designed to feel cool and cool to the touch.

How It Performed

The supple quality of this mattress sets it in the top position of many pillow tops in terms of spring and support. Although the highest ratings were from those who slept on the side in our group, stomach and back sleepers felt more reinforcement and less sinkage than other mattresses that have similar designs. The extra edge support could also benefit couples during sexual activities and other sleepers who like to use the whole mattress.

The temperature control is one of the most important features of the Flex. A steady flow of air through the coils , and the cover that is remarkably cool make the mattress a great option for people who are prone to heat on memory foam mattresses.

Shipping is completely free for customers living in the adjacent U.S. and all orders include two pillows at no extra cost. The GhostBed Flex is backed by the sleep trial for 101 nights as well as an 25-year guarantee against structural flaws.



Luxury Firm WinkBed

Winkbeds Luxury Firm

Who it’s best for:
  • Sleepers who require first-rate edge support
  • Patients who suffer from back discomfort or pressure points on the spine
  • Shoppers seeking a luxurious mix of bounce , contouring and bouncing
  • Foam comfort system assists in preventing pressure points
  • Zoned support core provides an edge support that is above average
  • A strong airflow to provide better cooling

Those who experience back pain can benefit by a mattress that gives both even spinal support and the highest quality pressure point relief. Achieving this balance isn’t easy, and that is what makes the WinkBed stand out from its rivals. The hybrid mattress comes in four different firmness levels with it being the Luxury Firm model a standout choice for those suffering from back pain.

What is it Made of

The Luxury Firm is a medium-firm feel that ranks as a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The top layer of the mattress is a soft Euro-top that includes gel-infused polyfoam woven directly onto its surface to ease pressure point discomfort. The polyfoam is shaped to conform to your body, helping to cushion joints and evenly spread your weight.

A layer of transitional polyfoam provides a comfortable buffer between the Euro-top and support system. The support core of the pocketed coil is divided into different zones according to gauge and strength. The coils that are thinner wrap around the perimeter to prevent sinkage, and allow you to feel more comfortable sleeping near the edges The thinner coils in the interior offer adequate support without making the mattress feel too stiff.

How It Performed

The coils are pocketed and made of polyfoam. They provide a luxurious feel that’s balanced and inviting. This set of features allows the mattress to keep motion at bay, stay cool, and help with sexual activity more effectively than most hybrids on the market. The WinkBed’s high-quality support and moderately contouring make it an excellent choice for sleepers who experience back pain but especially those who weigh under the weight of 230 pounds.

The Winkbed comes with an overnight sleep trial of 120 nights, as well as a dependable lifetime guarantee. Shipping is included within the contiguous U.S.



Nolah Evolution 15


Who it’s best for:
  • Couples
  • People who usually sleep hot
  • People who prefer to sleep on extremely thick mattresses
  • Three options for firmness
  • Proprietary AirFoam offers above-average breathability
  • Zoned coils ensure strong edge support

The majority of side sleepers require greater cushioning for their hips and shoulders than those who sleep in other positions. This extra padding can improve the overall alignment of your spine as well as decrease pressure points in the process. It is available in three firmness levels. Nolah Evolution 15 is available in three different levels of firmness, which means that side sleepers of different weight classes can choose a suitable option.

What’s It Made of

Its Nolah Evolution 15 features a cushion-top mattress padded with foam. It also has a cushion of comfort made from AirFoamICE Polyfoam, a patented polyfoam. The additional layer of polyfoam provides transitional support and prevents sleepers from sliding too much.

The support core has pockets of coils that are divided into zones that are based on the weight of your body, which means you’ll receive more reinforcement around your midsection, and soft cradling for areas that weigh less that are more prone to injury. The thicker coils also strengthen the perimeter.

How It Performed

The Nolah Evolution 15 is a excellent choice for those who sleep hot. Its top layer of foam contours around the body, much like memory foam, but it doesn’t get too hot because of graphite in the material. The coils promote airflow to provide additional cooling as well. They also guard the perimeter well, allowing push-back , and stopping sinkage when you’re getting into and out of your bed or sleeping near the edges.

If you weigh less than 130lbs are likely to prefer the soft (5) feel due to its greater contouring. those who are heavier will likely get more support from the premium soft (6) or firm (7) designs.

Nolah offers free ground delivery to all customers within the contiguous U.S. You’ll receive the opportunity to try a mattress for sleep included with your purchase that lasts 120 nights in length. Additionally, the mattress comes protected by a lifetime guarantee which covers structural flaws for the duration you have it.



Titan Luxe Hybrid

Titan Luxe

Who it’s best for:
  • At least 130 pounds
  • Hot sleepers
  • Value seekers Best Mattress of 2022
  • Luxurious pillow-top design with an affordable price-point
  • Optional cooling panel captures and disperses heat from the surface
  • Thick pocketed coils provide excellent stability without causing excessive motion transfer

The Titan Luxe Hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding is a perfect balance between contouring and support. True medium-firm (6), this pillow-top mattress pairs elastic foams with durable coils to provide a comfortable and even surface for people who weigh at least 130 pounds.

What It’s Made of

The Titan Luxe Hybrid begins with a layer of plush memory foam that is quilted to the top of the pillow. Its second component is composed of TitanFlex, a proprietary material that combines the cushioning of polyfoam with the flexibility of latex. Dense Energex foam forms the transitional layer, and is then followed by a support core of individual pocketed coils. An upper layer of dense foam finishes the hybrid design.

Customers can choose an area of phase change material that can be sewn to the cover. The fabric is engineered to absorb heat and then release it to maintain a cool sleep cover, regardless of body temperature. This panel will increase the price by $100 to $200, based on the mattress’s size.

How It Performed

The Titan Luxe Hybrid’s balanced feel is one of its greatest assets. Our test subjects reported a comfortable soft feel once they got on the mattress, however the surface was also supportive enough to avoid the deep sinkage that one would expect from a bed with an incredibly soft comfort system. The mattress earned excellent marks for mobility and edge support.

Temperature regulation is another major advantage. The phase change panel is noticeable and provides high-level cooling at the top, its coils create plenty of airflow on their own. If you are a hot sleeper or are prone to sweating in bed, we recommend including the panel with your purchase. However, those who don’t have problems with temperature should be able to stay cool.

The price for this bed is well below average for a hybrid and Brooklyn Bedding provides free ground shipping across the continental U.S. The Titan Luxe Hybrid is backed by a sleep trial of 120 nights and a 10-year warranty.



Sweet Night Whisper

Sweetnight Whisper

Who it’s best for:
  • Sleepers who prefer firmness that varies between nights
  • People who are easily disturbed by motion in the bed
  • Shoppers with tight budgets
  • Flippable design that has soft and hard surfaces
  • Three profiles that range between 8 and 12 inches
  • Foam layers absorb motion and limit transfer across the surface

The Sweetnight Whisper is a foam mattress that flips and has an affordable price point. It is available in profiles of 8, 10 or 12 inches. All are priced at a reasonable price in all sizes. Dual-firmness technology coupled with a low cost makes the Whisper a high-value option for people on a budget.

What It’s Made of

One side of the mattress is medium-soft (4) and has two layers of plush memory foam that is adaptive. The second layer is filled with cooling gel that is designed to draw heat away from the body. This type of mattress is ideally suited to side sleepers, but may also be comfortable for stomach or back sleepers who want a deeper contour. On the other hand, it has a more firm (7) feel reinforced with a thick layer that is high-density polyfoam. People who weigh more than 130 pounds are likely to like this surface.

How It Performed

As with other foam mattresses the Whisper excels at motion isolation. Each foam layer functions to absorb movement and prevent it from transferring onto the opposite edge of the mattress. This means that you and your sleep companion to remain unaffected when the other person changes positions or wakes up during the night. Pressure relief is an additional important benefit, although some sleepers may need to test both sides to find the right level of comfort.

It’s not only a low-cost reversible model, but the mattress also is eligible for free ground shipping across the continental U.S. Sweet Night backs each order with a 100-night sleep trial and buyers who buy the mattress will also get 10 years of warranty against structural flaws.



Bear Hybrid

Bear Hybrid

Who it’s best for:
  • Individuals who weigh up to 230 pounds
  • Active people and those with physically demanding jobs
  • Hot sleepers
  • Polyfoam layers that are deep and adaptive contour evenly to alleviate the pressure without too much hugging or sinkage
  • Pocketed coils help to promote airflow and help reinforce the perimeter
  • Celliant cover can assist with the physical recovery that occurs during sleep

Bear Mattress and Beds is an internet-based mattress company famous for incorporating Celliant fabric into its products. Celliant is engineered to convert your body heat into energy infrared and transmit that energy back into your body via your skin. This process is designed to regulate temperature, and aid to recover your physical health during the night, making this Bear Hybrid especially suitable for people who are active and athletes as well as people with physical demanding jobs.

What’s It Made of

Measuring 14 inches thick, the mattress features a layer of polyfoam quilted into the cover. It is then topped with two additional adaptive foam layers. These components create an invitingly plush surface feel that makes sleeping more comfortable, but the Bear Hybrid is considered medium firm (6) and comes with a pocketed coil system that also gives the mattress a great amount of support.

How It Performed

We’ve picked this Bear Hybrid from this company’s lineup to be one of the top picks due in part to its balanced construction. No matter what their preferred sleeping posture, those who weigh 230lbs or less ought to have enough cushioning along the spine to relieve pressure without sinking too deeply.

The Bear Hybrid’s Celliant cover contributes to the bed’s excellent temperature regulation. The cover can be helpful for athletic individuals, those whose jobs have physical demands, and those who are tired and achy. The coils are strong and provide a solid push-back around the perimeter and therefore anyone who lies close to the edges of their mattress or struggles getting in the bed and out should feel safe.

Shipping on the ground is completely free for all purchases within the contiguous U.S., and delivery charges for Alaska and Hawaii are less than the average. The mattress has a generous 365-night sleep trial. If you keep the mattress after the trial period will be covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against certain flaws, such as excessive stretching.



Helix Dawn

Helix Dawn

Who it’s best for:
  • Sleepers on the stomach and back who weigh at least 130lbs
  • Hot sleepers
  • Shoppers with limited budgets
  • Astonishingly firm and supportive design
  • Zoned coils protect the perimeter against deep sinkage
  • The prices are below average for a hybrid model

While other Helix mattresses are softer and more sculpted to the body, the Helix Dawn is one of the firmest and most accommodating hybrid models. This is why the Dawn particularly well-suited to stomach and back sleepers since both positions typically require extra reinforcement around the midsection.

What is it Made of

The Dawn starts with a comfortable layer of adaptive polyfoam. It conforms to an even way to the body’s weight distribution, but doesn’t hug the body too closely for people in the range of 130 pounds or more. A dense polyfoam transitional layer provides additional reinforcement.

The support core contains pockets of coils that are reinforced around the edges to limit sinkage when you get into and out of bed. A layer of thick foam is added to the hybrid, while a knit polyester cover covers the mattress. The Dawn is Helix’s most firm standard hybrid , and is rated an 8 on the 10-point scale of firmness.

How It Performed

For a mattress that is firm it Helix Dawn scored well in areas where softer models are more likely to fall short. Strong edge support was one important feature. The strengthened coils guard the perimeter and minimize sinkage to help people move into or out quickly. They also help to maintain air circulation, meaning that the risk of overheating isn’t a problem for most sleepers.

The members of our testing team who felt the most at ease with the Dawn were back and stomach sleepers weighing 130 pounds or more. Sleepers on the side who weigh over 300 pounds also enjoyed enough support and cushioning from the mattress.

The Dawn’s cost of purchase is considerably below that of an average hybrid mattress and Helix offers free delivery to all 50 states. Each order includes a one-night sleep trial, and those who purchase the mattress also entitled to 10 years of manufacturer’s warranties. A free pair of Helix Dream Pillows comes with every purchase.



Ghost SmartBed – 3D Matrix

Ghostbed 3D Matrix

Who it’s best for:
  • Back and side sleepers
  • People who wish to monitor the data of their sleep without having to wear a device
  • Couples
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Built-in sensors track sleep data

If you’re looking for mattress that can track sleep metrics in addition to optimizing comfort, we suggest GhostBed’s Ghost SmartBed – 3D Matrix. The high-tech mattress comes with an array of intelligent features and also has the ability to adjust firmness to offer the best comfort for a variety of sleepers.

What is it Made of

The bed is 12 inches tall and starts with a comfort layer comprised of gel-infused memory foam and then a layer of transition of polyfoam underneath. The bed’s most unique feature is the support core , which has adjustable air chambers, which is divided into five targeted zones that manually or automatically adjust to the body of the user according to biometric sensors. The bed is topped with an Ghost Ice cover and layer of gel polymer. Both are engineered to feel cold to touch and aid in temperature regulation.

The sensors in the mattress do not just detect changes in pressure throughout the night, but they also record information such as the amount of breaths you take each minute, as well as the patterns of your sleep stages. The sensors record data for each side of your bed, which means you can measure metrics and tailor comfort for each sleep partner.

How it Performed

If we find beds with high pressure relief, it is likely that the bed works better in a particular sleeping position or weight class. The SmartBed stands out from competitors by being able to accommodate a broad range of sleeping preferences due the adjustable level of firmness. The foam layers offer superior pressure relief, and the adjustable air chambers can be adjusted to provide individualized support and pressure relief for various body parts. This is an extremely beneficial feature for back and side sleepers who require a balanced combination of cushion and support to ensure a healthy sleeping posture.

GhostBed ships free within the continental U.S. and offers a 101-night trial of its sleep. The bed has a warranty of 25 years.



Layla Hybrid

Layla Hybrid

Who it’s best for:
  • Hot sleepers
  • people who are having a hard to get in and out of their bed
  • Couples
  • Flippable design has a distinct feeling on both sides
  • Shared coil layer is zoned to prevent sinkage along its perimeter
  • Memory foam layers are filled with copper, which helps both surfaces keep heat from absorption

The Layla Hybrid is a flippable mattress that offers different levels of firmness on each side. One side is medium soft (4) to allow for tight contouring, while the opposite side is a firm (7) feeling that provides more support. If you’re looking for more cushioning to relieve pressure buildup in the hips, extra reinforcement to stop midsection sagging or the option to switch between the two at any time, this mattress has the answer in every case.

What’s It Made of

The soft, medium-firm side of the mattress has the 2.5-inch cushion of memory foam that is copper-infused. Then comes the transitional layers of foam convoluted divided into distinct zones of firmness and you’ll see more support in the middle and more cradling elsewhere. The firm side is made up of the same comfort and transitional materials However, the layers are less dense so that they don’t have as much shaping.

A support core shared by pocketed coils lies in the middle of the mattress. The coils are reinforced around the perimeter to avoid the sinking of your mattress when you step into and out of the bed. The cover is made from an elastic poly-viscose blend, and is fitted with side handles to aid with flipping the mattress. You can remove the cover at any time you want to get it cleaned, but Layla does not recommend machine washing and recommends dry cleaning in lieu.

How It Performed

Because the Layla is designed with two distinct levels of firmness each with distinct strengths. The medium-soft surface performed extremely well for those who sleep on our sides, weighing as much as 220 pounds, as as back and stomach sleepers with less than 130 pounds. The thick foam layers excel in the ability to isolate couples from motion and contour closely to alleviate tension along the spine.

The more firm side is more solid and more stable in comparison and is particularly stable around the perimeter. stomach and back sleepers with a weight of at least 130 pounds may prefer this one and those who sleep in the side who weigh more than 230 pounds. Our testers generally were able to move across without sinking.

Layla offers free ground shipping across the contiguous U.S. The company’s sleep trial lasts 120 nights, giving customers plenty of time to try Layla Hybrid. Layla Hybrid. If they decide to keep the mattress will also get the 10-year guarantee.



Saatva Modern Foam

Saatva Modern Foam

Who it’s best for:
  • Side sleepers
  • Beds shared with an additional person
  • Individuals who need help setting up their new mattress
  • Mixed foam and latex design gives a perfect balance of contouring and bounce
  • Zoned comfort system eases pressure on the lower back as well as hips
  • Free White Glove delivery for all purchases

Saatva has built a name for its premium mattresses that are that are designed with the latest features. One of the latest models is called Modern Foam. Modern Foam, which builds on the traditional all-foam model with a zoned comfort system to keep your body on an even plane as well as a strong support system. The mattress is available in 7 sizes and includes a split king design for those who share an adjustable bed.

What It’s Made of

Modern Foam Modern Foam features adaptive polyfoam that is quilted into the cover. This layer is reinforced with the addition of a piece of latex under the midsection. The idea behind this layer is to provide support to the midsection area – which is where most people have a large amount of weight, without feeling too firm or rigid beneath the shoulders, head or legs. A layer of comfort made of convoluted polyfoam offers extra cushioning and promotes airflow.

The mattress is also equipped with an mattress with a memory foam-like transitional layer, as well as an extremely dense polyfoam support core. These layers are intended to stabilize the mattress to stop sleepers from sinking too deep. The entire mattress is covered in a cotton-based cover.

How It Performed

The Modern Foam has a medium (5) feel. In our test group, the mattress received its top scores from people who sleep on their sides who weigh up to 230lbs and back and stomach sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds. The mattress also performed extremely excellently during our motion isolation tests, and we noticed little to any motion transfer across its mattress’s surface.

A higher than average cooling level is another important strength. The convoluted foam’s shape allows air to circulate close to the surface. Additionally, the natural cotton covers are highly breathable, so overheating shouldn’t be a major issue for the majority of sleepers. The latex also creates some light responsiveness to help you move across the mattress with relative ease.

Saatva provides free White Glove delivery for all purchases within the continental U.S. This service includes full assembly in a space you choose and removal of your mattress and box spring upon request. The purchase also includes a 180-night sleep trial that gives you plenty of time to experience the mattress. It also comes with a 12-year manufacturer’s guarantee.



Zoma Mattress

Zoma Mattress

Who it’s best for:
  • Athletes and active people
  • People who suffer from chronic pain
  • Couples and light sleepers
  • The Triangulex zoned support system eases the pressure on hips
  • Specially designed for people who live demanding lifestyles
  • Gel-infused foams and a ventilated cover keep the mattress cool

All-foam Zoma Mattress conforms closely to increase alignment and lessen pressure. This makes the mattress ideal for people suffering from injuries and pains from physical exertion.

What is it Made of

Its comfort layer comprised of a unique Triangulex memory layer and divided into zones based on the firmness and the level of contouring. The mattress is rated as medium (5) in terms of firmness. Therefore, you can anticipate a great level of cushioning and support.

Below the comfort layer, you will find a layer of their Reactiv polyfoam. This is a more flexible foam that offers extra support and provides the mattress with some ‘bounce’. Below that is an extremely dense polyfoam support core.

How It Performed

The mattress is shaped to the body of the person sleeping without allowing it to sink to deeply. The zoned comfort layer provides an extra amount of support for the middle section that is the area where people typically have more weight. It also provides less sluggish conforming for areas with lighter weight of the body.

The Zomas’s key strengths are in motion and pressure isolation, which are due to its close-conforming foam structure. This makes it perfect for people who have hip and back pain, light sleepers, and couples. It also does pretty well in edge support and ease of movement due to responsive polyfoam layers.

The Zoma comes at a slightly less expensive price for the memory foam mattress. The company offers a 100 night sleep trial and a 10 year warranty and free shipping and returns within the continental US.



How We Evaluated These Mattresses

Our top picks are based on the models that have the highest scores in each of the performance categories. We will keep updating this list when mattresses get tested and new models are introduced.

  • Motion Isolation: Motion isolation refers to the degree to which the mattress absorbs motion and blocks it from moving across the surface. Mattresses with more comfort layers tend to block more motion, great for those who are frequently awakened by a sleeping partner’s movement.
  • Temperature Control: A temperature-controlled mattress should ensure the sleeper is not too hot or cold. Mattresses that are made of breathable materials like wool, cotton, latex, and coils are great at regulating temperatures.
  • Pressure Relief:A pressure-relieving mattress conforms to the body, reducing pressure buildup in the joints. Usually these mattresses have the thicker comfort layers of memory foam that gradually adjust with the shape of your body.
  • Off-Gassing:Mattresses in a box and made from artificial materials tend to be more prone to odors from off-gassing. These odors are due to the volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions, which are fairly harmless, but they can be a nuisance.
  • Ease of Movement:Mattresses that perform exceptionally in this field typically have surfaces that let sleepers move about the bed without any restrictions. Sleepers who are combination sleepers will benefit from a mattress with excellent marks for ease of movement.
  • Edge Support:Edge support refers to a mattress’s weight bearing capabilities along the perimeter. A mattress that has supportive edges will allow sleepers to be close to their edges, thereby increasing the bed’s overall effectiveness.
  • Sex:Many sleepers use their mattresses not only for sleeping, but also for sexual sex. Mattresses with high rankings in terms of ease of movement, edge support and temperature control are also likely to be successful in this particular category.
  • Body Weight:Body weight is one of many factors to consider when choosing the ideal level of firmness. Sleeping position and sleep preferences are equally important, which is why we suggest trying a variety of models to find the most comfy feel.


Finding the Best Mattress For You

The definition of the perfect mattress is a highly subjective matter. Every person has their own idea of the perfect firmness level. The ideal bounce and support depend on the sleeper’s position and body weight. The best mattress for you can vary based on whether someone is sharing a bed, whether they sleep hot and also, obviously the cost.

Given all these factors It’s difficult to say that there’s a single top mattress. We’ve separated our top choices into distinct categories, so you can find the best choices among the various types of mattresses and elements of mattress performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What mattress is best for me?

There are many aspects to take into consideration when selecting the best mattress for you. One of the most crucial aspects to take into account is the level of firmness. Some individuals prefer a more supple mattress that is shaped to their body, whereas some prefer firmer mattresses that give solid support. The right firmness for you will be determined by your body type and your preferred sleeping position. If you sleep with someone who has distinct preferences in terms of firmness, a mattress that has dual firmness and different feel on each side is likely to be the most appropriate.

It is important to think about the areas of performance, in addition. If you sleep in a hot bed, then a mattress built using breathable materials that encourage airflow and don’t absorb excess heat is likely to be one of the ideal choice. If you prefer to rest on the edges of your bed, then you might need a mattress with strong edge support as opposed to one that has a sagging edge when pressure is put on it. People who feel intense pressure points in the spine should consider mattresses that can cushion and mold to your body. couples who favor bouncey mattresses for sex might prefer a more flexible model.

In the end, it is important to consider the cost of your mattress. A new mattress may range between a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand. The mattress’s construction often dictates the sticker price. Foam mattresses and traditional innersprings tend to be the most affordable options, all-latex models and hybrids tend to be mid-range, and airbeds are the most expensive. If you feel like you’d like to test out the mattress before deciding whether to decide to keep it, look into buying from a manufacturer which offers a trial period for at least 120 nights.

What mattress types are most comfortable?

Whether or not you find a mattress comfortable is a matter of personal preference and is dependent on factors like your body type and sleeping posture. For instance for a back sleeper who weighs more than 230 pounds will usually prefer a significantly larger mattress than someone who weighs under 130lbs and lies on their sides.

Mattresses may also be comfortable in the short term however they may be uncomfortable after hours or even days, making it difficult to select the best mattress without having to lie on it. Instead of relying on their own sense of what is “comfortable”, customers should carefully consider what their body needs prior to purchasing a new mattress. It’s helpful to choose a mattress that comes with a sleep test, as these allow you to ensure that your new mattress is comfortable before making the purchase.

What are the most comfortable mattresses for side sleepers?

Most people that sleep on their side prefer memory foam, foam, or hybrid mattresses. Sleepers who sleep on their sides are more susceptible to developing pressure points in their hip and shoulder which can make it difficult to rest or trigger next-day painful and aches.

Mattresses that have above-average pressure relief softly contour against these pressure points, no matter the mattress’s overall firmness, providing side sleepers with the comfort and support they require. While not all foam or foam hybrid mattresses are pressure-relieving enough for sleepers on the side They tend to perform better in this regard than innerspring or even latex mattresses.

What are the best mattresses for back {pain|discomfort?

There are features that people with back pain tend to generally appreciate. They include lumbar padding, zones of support that are ergonomically designed and a sturdy edge support. Side sleepers with shoulder or upper back pain must also think about the pressure relieving qualities of a mattress before buying since inadequate pressure relief could lead to tension in these areas.

The most suitable mattress for back discomfort is one that promotes the correct alignment of your spine and offers excellent support for both your body type and sleeping position. Although certain mattresses are popular with people who suffer from back pain, a suitable mattress for one person could cause another to feel worse the following day.

What are the best mattresses for those who sleep hot?

Anyone who is extremely warm at night might want to consider an innerspring mattress or a latex one. Innerspring mattresses without foam comfort layers give the most temperature neutrality due to their superior airflow, while latex is naturally thermo-neutral and is much cooler during the night than synthetic foams.

Latex hybrids can be cooler as pocketed coils provide airflow exactly like an innerspring. If you prefer the feeling of synthetic foams — such as memory foam -opt for a hybrid with temperature-regulating features. They are more comfortable that an innerspring mattress or latex mattress but still offer better temperature regulation than a standard all-foam mattress.

What are the best mattresses in a box?

There isn’t an easy answer to this issue since what constitutes the “best” mattress is exceptionally subjective. A mattress that is ideal for one person may make another sleepy and sore. The first step for customers is making a decision about their sleeping needs, which include personal preferences , but must be based on their sleeping position and body type. These details, combined together with the budget they have set, will assist them choose a mattress type, firmness option, and desired features. After narrowing the selection consumers can then count on reviews of independent mattresses to decide which mattress is the best choice for them. Best Mattress of 2022

best mattress for spinal alignment best mattress for sore shoulders

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