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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Complete Car Care

When it comes to life, there are few things that strike more fear into the hearts of people than car maintenance. After all, the inner workings of a car are pretty mysterious to most of us. When we lift the hood and take a look around, many have no idea what parts they’re even looking at. Still fewer are actually able to judge what can and should be done in the event anything goes wrong.
The following are some little-known facts about complete car care. Keep them in mind the next time you have questions about how to keep your automobile in tip-top condition.

1. Lubrication and regular fluid checks are one of the keys to making sure a car lives a long, long life… just like your Grandpa’s old clunker did.

old Ford Model A in need of complete car care
Past Time for Car care

2. Changing your oil is more important than you can possible imagine. Keep in mind that the quality of the oil you use isn’t nearly as important as the frequency of your oil changes. For best results, include regular filter changes, too!
3. Another major key to helping your car stand the test of time is regular coolant changes. For best results, use a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and coolant solution.

4. Making sure to keep your car clean is more than just a great way to keep it looking shiny and beautiful season after season. It’s also a way to keep your car in good working order. Hose off the car’s underside regularly to prevent dirt and built-up road grime from getting the best of your auto.
5. We’ve all known the guy that approaches waxing his car like it’s his job. However, while regular waxing may seem unnecessary, it really is the best way to protect your paint job and keep it looking fantastic.

6. Don’t forget the interior of your car! Parking your automobile in the shade whenever possible can help make sure that the interior stays factory new for as long as possible. UV protectors and window deflector screens are also helpful.
7. Avoid costly hub or spindle replacement costs by paying attention to your wheel bearings. Wheel bearings should be checked, cleaned, and treated with wheel bearing grease regular as service suggestions dictate.

8. Never neglect the integrity of your brake fluid! Brake fluid naturally tends to attract moisture and as we all know, moisture can cause corrosion and part failure over time. Make sure you’re replacing your car’s bleed system and brake fluid a minimum of once a year.
9. In the event you do need to take your car in to have work done, make sure you’re mentally armed against scare tactics. No mechanic under the sun actually means it when he tells you he wouldn’t drive your car one more mile if her were in your shoes.

10. When looking into motor oils, choose the synthetic options. They may cost more, but they add up to a lot more miles’ worth of use between oil changes.

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